My Children

My children are each on a musical journey. Watch them grow and cheer them on as they find the joy of music in their lives.

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Feb 212011

His Enthusiastic Words Were Music to My Ears! “Come on, guys!  Everybody come to the piano room!  There’s gonna be a piano concert.  I’m giving a concert for my sister in 5 minutes – and you’re ALL invited!  Come on!”  He was inspired by little sister’s potty training successes!  Whatever the reason for his inspiration, [Read more …]

Magical ‘Music for Little Mozarts’

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Oct 052010

Bonnyeclaire (age 2-1/2 years) Had a Piano Lesson Tonight Tonight,  I closed the door to Elijah's room, as he drifted off to sleep.   Then, I looked for Bonnyeclaire in her room where she waits for me to get her ready for bed, too.  She wasn't in her room, but I saw her downstairs out of the [Read more …]