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Save time and money with my tips for buying musical Instruments, gear and accessories. You’ll find my top picks, where to buy them and how-to videos.

Feb 122013
Tips to Buy Affordable Violins Online

You Don't Need to Buy an Expensive Instrument to Learn to Play Violin. I may draw criticism from violin "purists" who hold that students must learn on top-quality instruments, but I want to make learning music accessible to the masses, rather than limit it to upper-class, wealthy families. I do want you to buy an [Read more …]

Tips For Purchasing Or Renting A Violin To Begin Lessons

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Jan 262013

Here is some info and some useful links for what you’ll need to start violin lessons. You can rent a violin online from Music & Arts.  Their “Rentals” page walks you through the process, step by step, with several options, and lets you choose to pick up the rental instrument at a store location near you [Read more …]

Nov 202012
2012 Affordable Keyboard & Piano Recommendations

Here are some pianos/keyboards that have lots of good features for a reasonable price. Please read 7 Must-Have Features for Digital Pianos and Keyboards to see why I recommend these. Let me know if you have unanswered questions still, or if you’d like me to research a particular instrument you are interested in buying. You [Read more …]