Dec 052009

piano keys spiral notebookTo get the most out of private music lessons, BE PREPARED!  Always bring your music and any other materials your teacher asks you to have for your lessons.  

Your notebook or assignment book is just as important as your music books.  This is where your teacher can communicate with you when you’re at home and can’t remember what you should practice – or your parents want to know if you’re practicing what you should be!  (Parents will need to read the assignments for young children.)

I always write the date of each lesson in the notebook, first.  This is a great way to track progress and attendance.  If you’re still working on the same thing you were two months ago, maybe you could practice more!

However, if parents hear the same song for two months, and wonder why you’re still working on it, they can see specific assignments for that song, as noted by the teacher, each week.  Perhaps there have been different small tasks to work on between each lesson.

Or, perhaps you’ve only attended 2 or 3 lessons over the two months since you began working on that same song!  With so much time between lessons, progress is very slow.  Many times mistakes are what’s being practiced, so lesson time is spent correcting those mistakes – a tough task!

Keep your notebook handy at home, right with your music books, so you can follow your teacher’s recommendations for the week.  Keep it all together so that all of it makes it to each lesson.

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