Feb 212011

His Enthusiastic Words Were Music to My Ears!

“Come on, guys!  Everybody come to the piano room!  There’s gonna be a piano concert.  I’m giving a concert for my sister in 5 minutes – and you’re ALL invited!  Come on!”  He was inspired by little sister’s potty training successes!  Whatever the reason for his inspiration, we all lined up around the piano, obediently!  He hooked us and reeled us in!

He Wanted Us To Play a Game Like Musical Chairs

He would provide the backing music while we played “pass the black lego until the music stops!”  (Haven’t heard of it??  He made it up on the spot – very cute!)  If the music stops while you’re holding the lego, you’re out.  To get back in, you must count to 25, then shout, “I’m in!”

He played ‘Carol of the Bells’, a theme from the Moldau, and finished up with ‘For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow’, for the guest of honor, Bonnyeclaire.  She had a great time dancing around, passing the lego across the room to Grandma then back to Daddy, again and again!

He Even Wanted Us to Clap When He Finished Each Song.

Not so long ago, he would have fallen to pieces if we gave him compliments!  Tonight, when he finished playing a song, he’d swing around on the bench and demand, “Aren’t you going to clap?”  Daddy took his cue and burst into his famous drum major clap – it could be heard clear across a football field – which made Elijah laugh and cover his ears tightly!

We Were All Bursting With Pride!

We were so proud of him with his positive enthusiasm to play for us.  He was proud to be receiving the enthusiastic applause for his performance, and he was proud of his little sister’s growing success!  She did put in a personal request – she asked him to play Old MacDonald!  He said he’d play it for her tomorrow!

‘Twas a Fun Time, Indeed – Something We All Need More of In Our Hectic, Worrisome, Lives.

We could have easily said to Elijah, “Not now – it’s time for bed!” or made up any number of excuses not to come sit as his audience, but we would have missed out on one of life’s richest moments.

Be Your Loved One’s Enthusiastic Audience.

You won’t regret It!  They’ll never forget it!

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  3 Responses to “Elijah Gave Us A Piano Concert Tonight – It Was HIS Idea!”

  1. you gave me such a warm fuzzy to start this long long day with. thank you for sharing this beautiful family moment 🙂 miss you…..

  2. : ) Thanks, Christine!
    I just figured out you had commented – thanks a bunch! More to come . . . eventually!

    Miss you, too!

    Elijah just asked a few days ago, since school is almost out and it is the Summer season, if you all were going to come and visit soon. He said “I don’t see any cantaloupe!”

  3. How fun! Thanks for sharing.

    Aunt Cathie

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