Nov 152009

Both of my children have been surrounded by music since before they were born.

As babies, they were in my arms, or in the swing, or kicking around on the floor or having their diaper changed, while music was being made around them.

Much of what they have experienced is students learning music. Elijah has chimed in his own words of encouragement to my students, while Bonnyeclaire has learned to point to music and say, “D-, D-, . . .” to help us follow along!

They listen to quite a variety of music during the daily grind. Sometimes, a “classical favorites” CD over breakfast (Bonnyeclaire calls it “breakfast music”), lots of beginning piano, violin, drums, guitar, viola and cello during Mom’s and Dad’s lessons, Daddy’s original music, Daddy’s band, hoe-downs, kids’ silly songs etc . . .

Where will this journey take them? No one knows – the sky’s the limit! We hope that music will fill their lives with peace, joy, love and happiness.

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