Feb 122013
Tips to Buy Affordable Violins Online

You Don't Need to Buy an Expensive Instrument to Learn to Play Violin. I may draw criticism from violin "purists" who hold that students must learn on top-quality instruments, but I want to make learning music accessible to the masses, rather than limit it to upper-class, wealthy families. I do want you to buy an [Read more …]

Nov 112010
'A Season of Strings' Play-Along Videos

Download your copy of 'A Season of Strings' for violin, viola, or cello and come practice with me in these videos.  I'll discuss the challenges of each song and

Sep 162010
Violin and Viola Shoulder Rest Top Picks

I have shopped around and compared prices for my favorite shoulder rests (shoulder pads), and have provided links for “more info and to purchase today” for each product. These product links are for the best prices (new) that I have found, and often include free shipping!