May 232011

Kid Rock is an amazing performer and musician!

He infuses high energy into the crowd with bad-boy rockin’ party songs, yet can bring tears to your eyes with his soulful delivery of emotional, story-telling songs.

Kid Rock has collaborated with great musicians of all genres, from rap to hip-hop to metal to acoustic rock to country.

His latest joint venture includes recordings with Sheryl Crow and Bob Seger. Check out this video of his latest album’s title song ‘Born Free.’

Members of Kid Rock’s Band, Twisted Brown Trucker (TBT) Band:
Jimmie Bones (keys), Marlon Young (lead guitar), Jason Krause (guitar), Stefanie Eulinberg (drums), Paradime (Freddie Beauregard)(turntables), Aaron Julison (bass).

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Kid Rock Merch:

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Kid Rock Albums:

MP3 Downloads:
2010 – Born Free

1990 – Grits Sandwiches For Breakfast

Kid Rock DVDs

Kid Rock: The Complete Story
This follows Kid Rock’s life and career – from his struggle as a white rapper in Detroit DJ clubs to his fame as a Rock icon & celebrity.

Kid Rock Hits:

Only God Knows Why
Picture (with Sheryl Crow)
Collide (with Sheryl Crow)
American Bad *ss
Rock ‘n’ Roll Jesus

Kid Rock CDs

Self-named “American Bad-A**” – much of Kid Rock’s music has explicit lyrics!

These are “clean versions”:

Kid Rock Born Free CD* NEW! *
2010 – Born Free

2007 – Rock N Roll Jesus

2006 – Live Trucker

2003 – Kid Rock

2001 – Cocky

2000 – The History of Rock

1998 – Devil Without a Cause

1990 – Grits Sandwiches for Breakfast

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  1. I LOVE his energy – really a talented guy, too! My favorites are Cowboy, Only God, Bawitdaba, and Born Free.

    What’s yours?

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