Private Music Lesson Policies


** Updated May 20, 2016 **

Lesson Rate:

Lessons cost $25 per half-hour.

Payment Policy:

Payment is due on the first lesson day of each month.  (We accept cash or checks.)

Payment is for the number of lessons scheduled each month (usually for 4 or 5 weeks per month).  Please plan ahead so that payments are on time and for the correct amount.  Delinquent payments will jeopardize your good standing and priority in choosing alternate lesson times.

Families taking lessons from both John and Cristin must make separate payments to each.

Credit for “Excused Absences” (lessons cancelled with more than 24 hours notice) will be deducted from the amount due for the following month.

** NO CREDIT is given for lessons missed with less than 24 hours notice (see below).**

A $20 service charge will be added to all returned checks and must be remedied with a cash payment.

Cancellation Policy:

** 24 hours notice is required ** to cancel or re-schedule a lesson at no charge, regardless of the reason a student is unable to attend.  This is an “excused absence.”  You may come for a “make-up” lesson, if a different time is available, or you may cancel (skip) that week entirely.

“Make-ups” for lessons missed with less than 24 hours notice cost $25 per half-hour (in addition to the cost of the missed lesson, not instead of!).  We understand that illness and last-minute conflicts can occur with little notice, but please remember that your lesson time has still been reserved for you.

Holidays, School Vacations and Snow Days

If your lesson falls on a holiday or a day when there is no school, parent-teacher conferences, school holidays, vacations, weather delays and cancellations, etc… please check to confirm if you will have a lesson that day or not.

** Always assume that a lesson is scheduled unless you receive a phone call or written notice from us. **

We Reserve the Right to Dismiss Any Student(s) for the following reasons:

  1. Payment problems, including late payments, returned checks, incorrect amounts, etc…
  2. Poor Attendance
  3. Insufficient effort, or poor attitude, if we feel it is not what we consider to be acceptable.
  4. Miscellaneous actions by a student, or a student’s family, that we determine to be detrimental to our private lesson program.

Please Print This Page, Fill Out Form Below, Sign and Bring to Your First Lesson:

Student’s Name:   _________________________________
Parent’s Name:   __________________________________
Email: _____________________________________
Phone: _________________________

** I have read and agree to the terms of the above Lesson Policies **

Parent’s Signature:  _____________________________________ Date:   ______________

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