May 242011

My, oh my – what a performer!!

Lady Gaga’s performances are truly “art” in every sense – grotesque, burlesque, fashionably original, social, political, emotional, quirky, comical, bizarre . . . and very danceable! (I love the heavy synths and driving dance beats.)

<-- Check out this video of her single "Born This Way." (** Use parental discretion, although fairly tame for Lady Gaga!)

Madonna’s music is infused into Lady Gaga’s new album of the same name, “Born This Way.” Appropriate as Lady Gaga pushes social boundaries and makes the Catholic church squirm (yep – she attended a Catholic school!) much like Madonna did in her hay-day.

See Lady Gaga’s Wikipedia Bio for the Gaga Saga of her climb to fame and Super Stardom.

Expect the unexpected! Lady Gaga will entertain you!

*Note* I would rate Lady Gaga “M” – definitely for mature audiences. Much of her music seems innocent enough at first listen, but her performances usually involve clothing being removed and sensual touching and innuendos.

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Judas »
Just Dance »
Paparazzi »
Born This Way »
LoveGame »
Alejandro »
Beautiful, Dirty, Rich »
Poker Face/Speechless/Your Song (Live…) »
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