Feb 122013

You Don't Need to Buy an Expensive Instrument to Learn to Play Violin.

I may draw criticism from violin "purists" who hold that students must learn on top-quality instruments, but I want to make learning music accessible to the masses, rather than limit it to upper-class, wealthy families.

I do want you to buy an instrument that will stay in tune (at least pretty well – all violins fluctuate and can easily be knocked out of tune), and one that does not feel or sound like junk.  Up until a few years ago, I never would have thought that a violin which cost less than $100 would meet these criteria.

Little to Lose – Lots to Gain

I purchased a 1/32 size violin for my then 2-1/2 year old son, and when he was 4 years old I purchased this 1/4 size BLUE violin for him – online.

I was skeptical, but figured that if these were junk, I had only spent what it would have cost to rent an instrument for just 2 months.  If the instruments were playable, I would be able to use them for both of my children for a few years and then sell them, probably online, to recoup the cost.  I felt I had little to lose and lots to gain!


I was so impressed when the itty-bitty 1/32 size violin arrived!

I was actually able to tune it up (this would be a challenge for a beginner, so find a local violinist to help you with this task, at first) and play it!  (Okay- my fingers were on top of each other since it's so tiny, but it would work well for my toddler!)  The violin came in a great little canvas-covered case with a "music" pocket on the outside (remember, it is a 1/32 size, so only thin little knick-knacks would fit in this pocket – not music!), a plush, silky blanket that matches the interior of the case, and 2  BOWS!!

To really put me over the top with purchase satisfaction, my son LOVED it!

Even If You Win The Lottery, I still Recommend Purchasing Inexpensive Violin "Outfits" (Under $500) For Beginners

At least until the student is able to use a 4/4 full size instrument.  Then the sky's the limit! (And your budget, of course!) 

Look for the term "outfit" when purchasing a violin online, which means that the case, bow(s), rosin, and sometimes other goodies are included as a package deal.

Check out my ‘Tips for Purchasing or Renting a Violin’

There you’ll find info and some useful links for what you’ll need to start violin lessons.This should save you time & money. The products are what I recommend for my students and the stores are places where I have personally shopped and trust to be reliable resources for you.

Happy shopping!

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  1. hi Cristin, new student here. I took violin in middle school(40 some odd years ago), and did pick up some of the basics, but mostly daydreamed thru class. I play at the guitar, and read music on an elementary level(very). I have been wanting to pick up violin for a long time, and having recently retired, now have my chance. I signed up with you because of all of the u tube Teachers I have seen, I liked your method the best. (Athough I think Prof V, and Violinlab are also very good. unlike in middle school, I do have several servicible violins, and am now ready to go. My one question at this point is, should I stick rigidly to the lesson plan, or can I (in addition to) play some other tunes, scales, ect. Thanks, Dwight.

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